Cornish Christmas in Grass Valley

Hubby and I have decided to drive up to Grass Valley, CA which is an hour away from Sacramento to witness the Cornish Christmas. I was excited so I have to call one of my friends to cancel my appointment to go out clubbing with them. Besides, I needed to see what the fuzz is all about Cornish Christmas or I have to wait for another year. We’ve decided to spend a night there instead of driving back to Sacramento in a cold winter night. Hubby tried to convince me to stay in a Bed and Breakfast since we have not done it before. I was kind of reluctant but he assured me that this place that he found online has great reviews and that we should atleast try it. It’s called Annie Horan’s Bed and Breakfast.

We were welcomed by the warmest hosts Harvey and Jeannine with their adorable cat Heldie. I already felt at home. The Victorian house was so inviting and it made us feel like we’re in a different era. We stayed in the Cloud Room  which was painted with some very relaxing colors.

We headed out to see the Cornish Christmas after having our fantastic dinner at The Owl. Grass Valley’s downtown definitely has a charm of its own. Locals and visitors flooded the downtown enjoying specialty food, shops, arts and crafts and people dressed in old fashioned clothes. It was also filled with children musicians, carriage rides, Santa Claus, shoppers, vendors, bill ringers, cloggers and Cornish choirs. It was an extraordinary experience! The best part of it…..we have to come back to our relaxing room and woke up the following morning with some delicious breakfast awaiting us prepared by Harvey and Jeannine. Hubby and I have decided to make this an annual “thing” and we will definitely go back to Annie Horan’s B&B! A great way to spend the holidays!


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