Were you ever called for an interview or for a business meeting not knowing what to wear? It may have been a while since you have not dressed up in business casual outfit and you found yourself digging into your closet and nothing fits or nothing looks flattering ‘cos you have gained a little weight. I feel you. It’s very frustrating.

Finding an outfit that hides my problem area (in my case, my midsection) has been a struggle. I used to put on a tight pair of jeans hoping to squeeze those bulging love handles to only end up with a muffin top.  Even when I was 25 pounds lighter, I always have the same problem no matter how much exercise I do.

A few weeks ago, I had to attend a meeting requiring me to wear a business casual. I have a job that requires me to wear a uniform so it has been a while that I haven’t gone shopping for a business casual outfit. I didn’t want to shop for new clothes so I went through my closet hoping to find some old clothes that will fit, will work for the occasion and will disguise my problem area. It took me several hours and a little research to come up with this.

I found a flowy sleeveless top I purchased a year ago and threw a tailored blazer over it. Tacking in the top  highlights the torso not the tummy.  Tailored blazer is slimming.

I also found a pair of black slacks (and it fits!)  right from my own closet. A well-fitted dark slacks elongates the lower body and have a slimming effect. Pants that are too tight or shirts that are thin can give you a muffin top. A mid rise or high rise pants with a flowy top is flattering.

I chose the yellow belt and the lacy top to give the outfit a little color and feminine touch.

Top: Nordstrom

Blazer: JC Penny

Pants: Ross

Shoes: Jessica Simpson c/o Macy’s

Belt: Forever21

Bracelet: Target

Necklaces: Gifts

Ring: 925silver4u.com (Thailand)

♥ Doreen


6 thoughts on “disguise

  1. I feel your pain when it comes to the unflattering midsection. I got one, I am working on it. I go to my disguise slim figure, the spanx! The best investment ever!!!

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