What do you do to unwind? People do different things to relax their mind and body.  Some get a massage,  some take a warm bath, do yoga, read, nap, or just plainly do nothing. For me, getting in touch with nature and soaking in its serenity gives me a tranquil spirit.

Today, My husband and I drove up to Nevada City to revisit Independence Trail which is an hour and a half away from Sacramento. We loved our experience the first time we took a hike there so we decided to go back. It was a 4.5 miles hike but we only took a mile in and a mile back. We ended our walk at the zigzag flume. We sat there for about an hour and listened to the sound of the water from the South Yuba River and of the wind. 

Romper: Macy’s

Blazer: Ayala Center, Cebu (Philippines)

Legging: Flexees

Boots: Roxy via Macy’s

Shades: Juicy Couture


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