their trash, my treasure

Nothing much exciting going on in the household today except for football which I am not a big fan of. Since I promised to show the stuff that I purchased from the thrift store last week, I have to bug my football maniac husband to take some photos of them. Deseret Industries is the name of the thrift store where I went to. This place is huge and very organize. They sell pretty much anything.

I should say,Β  it was a very interesting place to shop. Will I do it again? Possibly…. πŸ™‚

I bought this green American Eagle Outfitters skirt for $2.00!

More items I treasured ↓

I bought this floral skirt for $5.00.Β  I love the colors on it and it fits well.

I can’t wait to wear this blazer ($5.00) over a dress…

↑ also for $5.00

What I’m wearing:

top: forever21

skirt: thrifted/ american eagle outfitters ($2.00)

cardigan: ross

belt: forever21

necklace: from Carmel, CAΒ  (abalone shell)

boots: michael shannon via marshalls


10 thoughts on “their trash, my treasure

  1. I love this outfit!! the skirt is so cool and perfectly paired with the brown belt. And I love the blazers you picked up at the thrift store. I always find the best blazers and coats at second hand stores. I need to remind myself of that from time to time and shop there first before the mall.

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