The Lodge at Blue Lakes

For the past years, my husband and I have been driving by Clearlake Oaks everytime we camp at Fort Bragg. I’ve always wanted to stay in one of those cabins or motels by the lake. So, last weekend, we decided to go. We decided to book a room at The Lodge at Blue Lakes because of all the positive reviews that we read. Hmmm…this might become our weekend getaway. I was very excited and have this great expectations about the place. Here’s what I have to say about the place. I will be as fair as possible with my review.
The Lodge at Blue Lakes is located in the town of Upper Lake Ca. It is in a picturesque setting, on the banks of a small lake. There are a lot of boating opportunities, including paddleboats, kayaks and pontoons. A nice bonus is that paying guests get an hour a day of free boating.   It is isolated, so there is a lot of quiet. We were able to negotiate a much lower rate in January. You need to, a lot of the amenities are shut down in the winter. The tradeoff is that very few people are there at that time of the year so we have the place all to ourselves. In summer, you might enjoy this place a little more with so much outdoor activities to do.
The Lodge is a clean place, but just an average motel. You are paying for the views and the atmosphere. The rooms are small, although the bathrooms are large. A nice touch is that  a continental breakfast is brought to your door in the morning. Direct TV and HD flat screens, lots of channels. Don’t pay extra for the room jacuzzi, it only can hold one person. The motel can handle weddings, they have a hall, but I was not impressed enough with management to ever think about it.
Click here and see if the place suits you.

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