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The Lodge at Blue Lakes

For the past years, my husband and I have been driving by Clearlake Oaks everytime we camp at Fort Bragg. I’ve always wanted to stay in one of those cabins or motels by the lake. So, last weekend, we decided to go. We decided to book a room at The Lodge at Blue Lakes because of all the positive reviews that we read. Hmmm…this might become our weekend getaway. I was very excited and have this great expectations about the place. Here’s what I have to say about the place. I will be as fair as possible with my review.
The Lodge at Blue Lakes is located in the town of Upper Lake Ca. It is in a picturesque setting, on the banks of a small lake. There are a lot of boating opportunities, including paddleboats, kayaks and pontoons. A nice bonus is that paying guests get an hour a day of free boating.   It is isolated, so there is a lot of quiet. We were able to negotiate a much lower rate in January. You need to, a lot of the amenities are shut down in the winter. The tradeoff is that very few people are there at that time of the year so we have the place all to ourselves. In summer, you might enjoy this place a little more with so much outdoor activities to do.
The Lodge is a clean place, but just an average motel. You are paying for the views and the atmosphere. The rooms are small, although the bathrooms are large. A nice touch is that  a continental breakfast is brought to your door in the morning. Direct TV and HD flat screens, lots of channels. Don’t pay extra for the room jacuzzi, it only can hold one person. The motel can handle weddings, they have a hall, but I was not impressed enough with management to ever think about it.
Click here and see if the place suits you.

it’s all about the booties

Approximately 130 miles away from home, here in a romantic resort in Clear Lake, Lake, CA. It’s a perfect day to just sit back, relax and enjoy a cup of tea with dear hubby.

I will be writing a review about the resort where we stayed in on my next post. Today,  is all about fashion…Here, I’m showing one of my favorite pair of boots that I got as a gift for Christmas. What I love about this pair is it’s comfy and warm without looking too bulky.

Plaid shirt: via Macy’s

Blazer: thrifted via Crossroads

Jeans: Guess

Boots: Guess

Bag: Calvin Klein

Sunnies: Nine West

Coat: thrifted via Crossroads

post holiday…

Gift cards and gift certificates may not be the most personalized gifts one can receive for Christmas or birthdays but they are probably one of a few practical ones. I personally love receiving them. I do appreciate any types of gifts but sometimes when people don’t know what you really want, they end up sitting in the closet unused.

A couple of my favorite gifts  last Christmas  were gift certificates from Crossroads Trading Co. and Village Hat Shop. Since I’ve been bombarded with so much work during the holidays  I didn’t get the chance to spend them until yesterday. So, as soon as I got the time…off I went to Crossroads. This place buys and sells used clothing. They are a few steps higher than goodwill stores and there are plenty of fashionable clothes and accessories to choose from if you have the time and patience to look for them.

One of the four items I found is this coat for $15.00. 

Today, I drove down to Old Sac to visit Village Hat Shop hoping to find the hat that I’ve been wanting to purchase (posted here). Unfortunately, it was no longer available. I was like a mad dog trying on one cool hat to another. Finally, this red hat seemed too hot for me to resist. ↓

It still feels like christmas to me…running around…shopping… without spending anything! I’m a happy camper! I’m that easy to please 🙂

gloomy sunday

With the tragedy that just happened in my hometown/ country, I felt so gloomy today. I went out to brunch and watched The Descendants with hubby to ease the blues. The movie was simple but with great acting, it kept my interest. Didn’t feel like putting on something fun, so I put on a Tulle coat over a long sleeve plaid shirt and a pair of jeggings. A pair of bold earrings I bought from Shasta city a few months ago gave the outfit a little pizzazz.

What I’m wearing:

coat: Tulle via Nordstrom

jeggings: Avon

boots: Nine West

plaid shirt: via macys

bag: coach

earrings: from a souvenir shop in Shasta City, CA

when mother nature strikes

It has been a sad couple of days. I just found out that my hometown, Cagayan de Oro in Philippines was badly devastated by Typhoon Sendong. I never realized the severity of the damage it caused until some friends shared several photos. To date, there are over 500 confirmed dead and the number is growing. I am thankful that my family and relatives are all safe although some of them were flooded and lost all of their belongings. Safety is most important among other things, that I am so thankful about; however, my heart goes out to the people who lost their love ones. When mother nature strikes there’s not much we can do. Below are some of the photos my friends shared.

This first photo below was taken in Iligan City, another neighboring city 1.5 hours away from Cagayan de Oro, also badly flooded.

One Hundred Seventeen people confirmed dead in Cagayan de Oro alone

vintage Joseph Magnin coat

A few years ago my stepmother-in-law handed me down her old Joseph Magnin suede coat. It’s been lurking in my closet, never been used. I love vintage clothing on other people but I never really ventured that side of fashion (yet). I am open and I’m willing to try it. So, I was organizing my closet and I found this coat I forgot I have. I wore it today and I still don’t know what to think of it. You’ll be the judge.

I think the collar is very interesting.

in holiday mode

I am still working on my christmas decorating around the house but the tree is finally up. I wanted a small tree ‘cos I didn’t want to deal with a lot of pine needles and hauling around a big tree is a pain but what the heck it’s only once a year. 🙂 So I picked up a 6.5 foot  from Walmart. Hubby played some christmas music while I hung the ornaments on. This is my favorite time of the year and there’s something about christmas that makes me feel so happy except from the traffic and hustle and bustle that came with it 🙂 It’s all good…that’s what makes it exciting I guess.

Every year we go to our favorite store in town called Mix Bag to get a couple of christmas ornaments. We have yet to do that this year. They have the coolest ornaments I’ve seen and so many to choose from. My three kitties each have their own ornament that represents them based on their personalities. I have their pictures posted on my older post, here.

My tree. I got most of the ornaments at the Dollar Tree.

This is Atchee’s (my oldest cat) ornament. She’s such a diva 🙂 ↓

This is Mcqueen’s, he’s the only male cat. He has the greatest temper but likes to be up on anything with heights. ↓

This is Gizmo’s, my youngest kitty. I call her Gimmo just cos it sounds cute like her. She loves attention, purrs loud, and hyperactive. She also loves to climb up the tree and play with the ornaments. ↓

Last but not the least is Bud. Bud passed away last year. He lived for 17 years. We still put his ornament hanging to live with his memories. We miss him so much. ↓

You might think I’m crazy doing this but my husband and I love our kitties so much like our own babies. We include them in almost everything we do for holidays.

I hope everyone have a safe and happy holidays!