post holiday…

Gift cards and gift certificates may not be the most personalized gifts one can receive for Christmas or birthdays but they are probably one of a few practical ones. I personally love receiving them. I do appreciate any types of gifts but sometimes when people don’t know what you really want, they end up sitting in the closet unused.

A couple of my favorite gifts  last Christmas  were gift certificates from Crossroads Trading Co. and Village Hat Shop. Since I’ve been bombarded with so much work during the holidays  I didn’t get the chance to spend them until yesterday. So, as soon as I got the time…off I went to Crossroads. This place buys and sells used clothing. They are a few steps higher than goodwill stores and there are plenty of fashionable clothes and accessories to choose from if you have the time and patience to look for them.

One of the four items I found is this coat for $15.00. 

Today, I drove down to Old Sac to visit Village Hat Shop hoping to find the hat that I’ve been wanting to purchase (posted here). Unfortunately, it was no longer available. I was like a mad dog trying on one cool hat to another. Finally, this red hat seemed too hot for me to resist. ↓

It still feels like christmas to me…running around…shopping… without spending anything! I’m a happy camper! I’m that easy to please 🙂


vintage Joseph Magnin coat

A few years ago my stepmother-in-law handed me down her old Joseph Magnin suede coat. It’s been lurking in my closet, never been used. I love vintage clothing on other people but I never really ventured that side of fashion (yet). I am open and I’m willing to try it. So, I was organizing my closet and I found this coat I forgot I have. I wore it today and I still don’t know what to think of it. You’ll be the judge.

I think the collar is very interesting.

shoe fetish

Here’s a fridge magnet my hubby bought me 🙂

Okay, it may be a bit of exaggeration to call myself a shoe fetish but I do love shoes, and so do most women I know. My husband calls me Imelda Marcos and sometimes teases me if I was ever related to her. 🙂 Anyways, here are my top 5 picks.



Madden Girl


Carlos by Carlos Santana

Marikina Shoes



If I have to pick only one, I go for Paprika. Which one would you pick?

♥ Doreen

“Do wear a single bold oversize ring” ~ Michael Kors

I’ve been eyeing on this beautiful fiery red jade and sterling silver ring online, for months. At first I was hesitant to place my order due to a few negative reviews. Several days ago, I stumbled upon it again while I was shopping online. I thought, oh well, what the heck… I can return it if I don’t like it, right? I anxiously waited for 5 days to get it in the mail. Today, it came. I wasn’t disappointed. It far exceeded my expectation.

Red Jade on Sterling Silver :

♥ Doreen