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it’s all about the booties

Approximately 130 miles away from home, here in a romantic resort in Clear Lake, Lake, CA. It’s a perfect day to just sit back, relax and enjoy a cup of tea with dear hubby.

I will be writing a review about the resort where we stayed in on my next post. Today,  is all about fashion…Here, I’m showing one of my favorite pair of boots that I got as a gift for Christmas. What I love about this pair is it’s comfy and warm without looking too bulky.

Plaid shirt: via Macy’s

Blazer: thrifted via Crossroads

Jeans: Guess

Boots: Guess

Bag: Calvin Klein

Sunnies: Nine West

Coat: thrifted via Crossroads



It’s one of my close friends,  Cathy’s birthday a week ago but because it’s always hard to find time that works for everybody, we didn’t get to celebrate it ’til yesterday. We had lunch at Il Fornaio Italian Restaurant and did our post black friday shopping at the Galleria Mall. One of my friends just love to play a photographer every time we go out and here’s some pictures of me she took and what I wore.

I got this blue floral dress at Macy’s for $10.00! It’s so feminine and I love it’s sheer chiffon fabric.

This is the blazer I got at a thrift store for $5.00 which was shown here

I was wearing:

dress: Macy’s ($10.00)

blazer: thrifted ($5.00)

boots: Franco Sarto via Nordstrom Rack

bag: Deux Lux via Marshalls ( previously shown here)

ring: TJ Maxx

necklace: Evangelines

knee socks: Ross

what goes good with a $10.00 boots

I don’t know if you can tell that these boots are worth $10.00. Yes, they are! I never thought I would ever pay $10.00 for  a pair of boots 🙂 nor would I fall in love with one. I bought them at Ross a couple of years ago and they never missed winter since then. I wear them pretty much with anything- knee length skirts, jeans, shorts or dresses..whatever I feel like at the moment.

Call me cheap, but today I realized that I can get good stuff without breaking the bank. So, I decided to challenge myself to find great items in a thrift store. I ended up getting a couple of blazers ($5.00 each) and a couple of skirts for $5.00 and $2.00! I will show them on my next couple of posts.

Once in a while I splurge on something I really like. I don’t limit myself on where to shop or how much I should  spend but it does feel great to find great buys.

This purple blouse is $8.00 from DD’s! 🙂

I bought these earrings during my vacation in the Philippines.

boots: Ross for $10.00

blouse: DD’s for $8.00

blazer: Target

jeans: guess

bag: gift

earrings: from Philippines

necklaces: white gold- gift from hubby, beads- citiwear

ring: overstock.com

belt: betsey johnson

date night

We have been having a great weather here in Sacramento in the past week.  It’s 83 degrees today. Although it’s pretty warm for a pair of boots, I put them on anyway…just ’cause I feel like it :). Went to see Paranormal Activity 3 with hubby and headed out to a nice dinner afterwards.

Top: Ross

Pants: Guess

Boots: Rocketdog c/o Marshalls

Bag: Coach

Bracelet: Ross

Ring: Overstock.com

♥ Doreen