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in holiday mode

I am still working on my christmas decorating around the house but the tree is finally up. I wanted a small tree ‘cos I didn’t want to deal with a lot of pine needles and hauling around a big tree is a pain but what the heck it’s only once a year. 🙂 So I picked up a 6.5 foot  from Walmart. Hubby played some christmas music while I hung the ornaments on. This is my favorite time of the year and there’s something about christmas that makes me feel so happy except from the traffic and hustle and bustle that came with it 🙂 It’s all good…that’s what makes it exciting I guess.

Every year we go to our favorite store in town called Mix Bag to get a couple of christmas ornaments. We have yet to do that this year. They have the coolest ornaments I’ve seen and so many to choose from. My three kitties each have their own ornament that represents them based on their personalities. I have their pictures posted on my older post, here.

My tree. I got most of the ornaments at the Dollar Tree.

This is Atchee’s (my oldest cat) ornament. She’s such a diva 🙂 ↓

This is Mcqueen’s, he’s the only male cat. He has the greatest temper but likes to be up on anything with heights. ↓

This is Gizmo’s, my youngest kitty. I call her Gimmo just cos it sounds cute like her. She loves attention, purrs loud, and hyperactive. She also loves to climb up the tree and play with the ornaments. ↓

Last but not the least is Bud. Bud passed away last year. He lived for 17 years. We still put his ornament hanging to live with his memories. We miss him so much. ↓

You might think I’m crazy doing this but my husband and I love our kitties so much like our own babies. We include them in almost everything we do for holidays.

I hope everyone have a safe and happy holidays!


My Four Little Furballs

When I married my husband he had a fat furry baby named Bud. As much as I love to be his new mommy, he didn’t make me feel quite welcome into his life. I used to get a few scratches and bites on my legs and arms. Bud was a possessive cat and did not want to share daddy’s attention to anybody. A few months after, I decided to get a new kitty. We named her Atchee (a Filipino term for sneeze). She was very sick when we got her from the SPCA, so that’s how her name came about. Her nose was so stuffed up that she wouldn’t eat. I thought she wouldn’t survive but I nourished her back to health. Six years after swearing not to have anymore “babies”, we got McQueen- a friend’s whose daughter eventually developed allergy after a year and a half of owning him.  Who has the heart to deny this aloof yet good little “boy”.  I took him after a few negotiations with hubby. Bud and he never get along, there was always a competition between them. Besides, Bud was getting old and cranky and hated having a young and hyperactive kitty around. Despite of all these, we are one big happy family. They each have a spot on the bed. Bud sleeps on top of his daddy’s chest, Atchee on his lap.

At 17, Bud started loosing a lot of weight- from 25 lbs down to 10. It was painful to watch him suffer from old age, losing strength and always sick. After weeks of battling when to euthanize him, we realized it was time to let him go. It was the hardest decision we have to make. The night before we took him to the vet to put him to sleep, I was sitting on the bathroom floor weeping. I can’t bear the pain of loosing my boy. He then sat beside me trying to comfort me- as if telling me , “everything’s going to be okay mommy”.  I sobbed more. The next three days were gloomy and tearful.

Three months after Bud’s death along came Gizmo. In spite of swearing having two cats is enough, we somehow ended up adopting another. Yet, this time Gizmo chose us. One day, we visited a family friend (Gizmo’s previous mommy). Out of nowhere, Gizmo came up to hubby’s lap rubbing up against his tummy and purring as loud as I can remember. She would never let go. At that moment, we knew she was ours.

Bud’s last christmas

A not so old Bud. We miss you Buddy….

Atchee guarding the christmas tree. She’s my little cheese monster.

Bud napping with his little sister, Atchee

MacQueen in his holiday collar

My boys, Bud and Mac chilling out

Gizmo, my little polydactyl

Gizmo, showing off her extra toes. This was taken before she was declawed.

Our youngest sleepy head showing off her shaved tummy. This was a few weeks after she was spayed.

These four little monsters bring  joy to our lives.