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it’s all about the booties

Approximately 130 miles away from home, here in a romantic resort in Clear Lake, Lake, CA. It’s a perfect day to just sit back, relax and enjoy a cup of tea with dear hubby.

I will be writing a review about the resort where we stayed in on my next post. Today,  is all about fashion…Here, I’m showing one of my favorite pair of boots that I got as a gift for Christmas. What I love about this pair is it’s comfy and warm without looking too bulky.

Plaid shirt: via Macy’s

Blazer: thrifted via Crossroads

Jeans: Guess

Boots: Guess

Bag: Calvin Klein

Sunnies: Nine West

Coat: thrifted via Crossroads


date night

We have been having a great weather here in Sacramento in the past week.  It’s 83 degrees today. Although it’s pretty warm for a pair of boots, I put them on anyway…just ’cause I feel like it :). Went to see Paranormal Activity 3 with hubby and headed out to a nice dinner afterwards.

Top: Ross

Pants: Guess

Boots: Rocketdog c/o Marshalls

Bag: Coach

Bracelet: Ross

Ring: Overstock.com

♥ Doreen    

Previous Fashion Style

I never considered myself a fashionista; however, recently I discovered how to mix and match clothes and play with accessories. I find it fun and creative! I always love shoes and purses (like most of you beautiful girls out there) yet I considered myself a minimalist when it comes to my previous fashion style. My style sort of evolved over the years- from “jeans and t-shirt” type of girl to playful and fun. Whatever I want to wear for the day still depends on my mood 🙂 I am a lot happier too if I know I didn’t spend a lot on what I’m wearing..

Off-shoulder top by Gap

I love this empire waste top I got at Marshalls long time ago

paired with capris jeans by Guess and a pair of Jessica Simpson

shoes I got at Macy’s that was on sale….

A bargain shopper like me couldn’t be happier with these

fabulous finds I got from Ross (blouse) and Marshalls

(shorts by xoxo and boots)

Off-shoulder blouse from Forever21, leggings from

Nordstrom ($24.00), comfy boots from Nordstrom Rack ($54.00)